Exclusions to Collective Bargaining
Proposed Changes
The Changing Workplaces Review has advised the Ministry of Labour to remove the exemptions who are exempt from the Labour Relations Act. This change would be detrimental to these industries who have been exempt for generations.
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What's this about?

The Ministry of Labour will work with affected Ministries to consult with stakeholders to review the Special Advisors' recommendation to remove the exclusions under the Labour Relations Act taking into account ongoing litigation. Currently the following professions are excluded from collective bargaining: domestics, hunters and trappers, members of the architectural, dental, land surveying, legal or medical profession and agricultural and horticultural employees. The Special Advisors recommend that these groups should be covered by the LRA.

Our RecommendationS

Abolishing these exemptions would mark a significant and unacceptable change from Ontario's long-standing approach to Labour Relations legislation. Removing certain exemptions will be extremely challenging for these industries, whose entire planning has been developed around these exemptions for generations.

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